Sunday, February 26, 2012

Success in letting go and adapting to changes.

I had the day off from work on Friday.  The first thing I did after I woke up was to check Facebook.  That was a mistake.  That one little act sucked me back in to the workplace mentality being seeing updates and complaints by co-workers.  It was while on Facebook, however, that I was rescued from my doomed fate.  I read a blog about the interruptions caused by cellphones and computers.  Armed with that information, I left my cellphone in another room most of the day.  I was on the computer, but tried to limit myself there as well.

I had some more small success in my discipline of self discipline by doing two loads of laundry and washing some dishes fairly early in the day and calling to set an important appointment before lunch.  One problem I had was that the weather did not go as planned.  The forecast was for a sunny afternoon, windy and a high of 70. What we got instead were rain showers, wind and mid 50s if that.  So, the laundry I hung out on the outside clothesline to dry, instead got an extra rinse and very little drying.

While I was in the process of calling for my appointment, I realized how many phone directories I had.  So, seven outdated phone directories are in a box to get recycled this coming week.

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