Friday, March 4, 2016

I knew it had been awhile since I had posted a blog here, but didn't realize 3 years had passed. In that time, I left my nearly 20 year career in retail and now work for a credit union, where I regularly interact with people on the phone and via eMessage. The ratio is about two parts phone time to one part eMessaging.  What does the future hold?  I have no idea.

The pay is better, and so are the working conditions, and I feel that I am where I need to be at this present moment.

I regret not having written here for the past several years.  Much has happened I could have shared and I could have learned much about myself and my experiences by just writing about them. But, I have not mastered time travel, so I accept what I didn't do.  I can't promise what I will or will not do, but at the moment, the spirit is moving me to write.

One thing I have learned recently is the importance of  a balanced life. It is great to help others and maybe even wrong to ignore their needs, but it is just as important that we not neglect our own well being. This well being can take the form of the state of our house, the number of things on our "must do" list, as well as our spiritual, psychological and physical health. We are allowed to say no if we need to, and we are allowed to (and should) reach out for help if we ourselves need it because we are burdened with helping others so much that we neglect our own needs.