Friday, August 12, 2011

What is a day off?

No, this will not be a lament saying that I am overworked or stressed out or have so many demands on my time that I never have any free time.  Instead, I will attempt to rationalize what tends to happen on my days off.

What is a day off really for?  It is so nice to not be required to be out of the house for 9 hours plus on those days off.  I usually have two such days a week, though not always the same two.  Some days I do leave the house for minutes or hours, some days I do not. 

I try to arrange things so that I can do some errands after work so that there is less on my MUST DO list on my days off.  That doesn't always work out that way though.  For example, today was my day off and what did I do?  LAUNDRY.  A load of whites, a load of lights, and a load of darks, which must be taken down from the line after I type this.  GRRRR

I try to catch up on housework.  Sometimes I can do it on days that I work, but larger things must wait until days off though. 

I try to catch up on correspondence on my days off.  Paying bills, etc, I can do on days that I work, but correspondence which requires me to express genuine thoughts and feelings in a thoughtful way, I like to save for my days off.

I may spend more time on the computer on my day off.  This can be good and bad.  I am more likely to do something relaxing on my day off like watching a dvd or television or reading a book. 

The biggest question I have is how to balance what needs to get done with the need for recreation and relaxation.  I am still working on this.