Saturday, March 12, 2011

Times have changed...

This is the day we change from Standard to Daylight Savings Time.  We "lose" an hour of sleep and "gain" an hour of daylight in the evening.  It's all an illusion though the amount of daylight is no more or less than we would get if we just relied on nature and sun-dials. 

Besides the illusion, I have a few other observations. 

Calling the time from November to March...a mere 4 months...Standard time seems strange.  That means for twice as long we are...what?  Non-standard?  Sub-standard? Should we make Daylight Savings Time the standard and come up with another clever name for the shorter segment, like Nightlight Time?

Not all areas change their time at the same time, either.  Some parts of the United States don't change at all. Europe doesn't have to deal with this for a few more weeks.  However, there was a "time" about 11 years ago when Europe changed their clocks before North America.  This worked well for me because I was travelling from North America to Europe.  This meant I arrived in London an hour before I thought I would.  I still had the two and a half hour layover before my flight to Germany, but at least I got the flight part of my trip over with an hour sooner than I thought.

Also, I remember a time not all that long ago when I was in gradeschool, the time changed on the last weekend in APRIL, not the second weekend in MARCH!  Here's an idea...instead of changing the clocks to suit our lifestyle, why don't we re-adjust our bodies to that of our home planet.  When it's dark, go home, sleep.  I think the Amish live that way.  Our ancestors lived that way. 

Posted at 7:22 PM...or is it 8:22PM?  Who knows?  Who cares what you call it?

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