Thursday, March 2, 2017

The first 48 hours

After 48 hours with no television or Facebook, I noticed a few things about my day.  I'm getting stuff done around the house before I go in to work, so it is not waiting for me when I get home or on my days off. I am less stressed because I don't hear as many people shouting or fussing. I'm not bombarded with commercials or things being repeated over and over. Instead of hearing a message over and Over and OVER that I can lose weight if I use this or that product or eliminate a chronic disease that I probably don't have if I take this or that drug, I am doing things that are healthier. I'm not sitting around as much...I am moving. I'm eating pumpkin seeds, eating salad and drinking red wine instead of consuming high carb foods and sweets. I am enjoying the quiet. Another benefit...time to think and write!

So far, the hardest thing to get used to was eating without television, followed closely by going to non social media websites. So far, I haven't noticed any negative things about my choices.

I think social media misses me more than I miss it because a few minutes after being off it for 48 hours, I got a notice about someone's one I am close with, and my life would have continued blissfully without knowing about the update. 8 hours after that I got a summary that I had 24 updates, etc.  I just filed both notification and will keep them until I decide to go back as a regular, just to see how many pleas to return I get.

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